Sunday, January 16, 2011

Officially REGISTERED!!! =D

I am VERY VERY excited and happy that my registration has been processed. Didn't know until I called up a day later and they said I was already registered yesterday.

Sometimes, I feel as though I am still in my dreams. Just a few years ago, I was studying A Levels with my buddies and now, I have my own career.

The store's manager and my boss were very sweet and thoughtful. I received a pot of flowers- lilies, roses, carnation and orchids PLUS a GIGANTIC BALLOON! Receiving the balloon made me very very happy =D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

YO, the concert was Rocking A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!!

The stage

Linkin Park - performing live in Adelaide, my first ever rock band concert. What can I say? My my purely awesome XD SMASHING!

I wanna go AGAIN!!!

Perhaps the next time, I will pick seats rather than standing with a bunch of people. Man, was it a battlefield or what? A lot of pushing, squashing, leg-tangling, feet stomping, elbow-knocking on the head and lips. Bled a little on the lips. Yea, you don't leave without sustaining a few injuries. And I feel like a midget even with my heels. Thank goodness I had two guy friends who are tall and decent sized to protect my godmother and me.

Nevertheless, I had fun screaming my lungs out! Aaaaahhhhhh.... And when Chester came close to us, I saw someone grabbing his hair. GRABBING his tuft of Mohawk hair -_- and he lets them! Seriously, everyone on the front touched/grabbed/hugged him... Oooohhh, I was SO CLOSEeeeeeeeeee yet so far T_T

I thought they will only promote their new album- A THOUSAND SUNS . They performed songs even from their first album - crawling, in the end, bleed it out and HEAPS of other previous good songs - numb, what I've done, new divide

Short clip - Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. I was surprised that they allowed us to take in camera! Cool, hey!

Closest shot I could get : CHESTER!!!! Darn it! Someone's phone was in the way.

Managed to meet up with other friends whom are still around! They will be graduating next week. Congratulations all!

Victor Harbour, visited my favourite piggy buns along with another lovely Queen pig.

Love this pic of piggy buns

We went for an eating spree and she brought us to her favourite spots. It feels like the weather had bipolar disorder that day. Seriously! Sunshine > rain > bright sun > drizzle. BUT it was wonderful meeting up with her. That was my main goal. I haven't seen her for almost a year!

Horse shoe bay

Chilling@Victor Harbour.

During my stay, I've also visited my ex-colleague and Molly the fluffy one! The amazing thing about this workplace is that the boss allows Molly in here and the customers are so fond of her!!! She's adorable, isn't she?

Um... and I've specifically allocated a few hours for shopping spree *woot* Good bargains! Very very happy and satisfied Average $7/item. Bought 5 dresses, 3 skirts, 7 tops, 2 scarves!!! I'm not that greedy I was buying for friends as well!

Ended my trip @ Chocolate Bean.

Zoe & brownies Me & White Choc

Took a stroll along North Terrace in the morning before I left Adelaide. Saw my uni, my favourite public library, museum.

Gloomy skies. That was how I felt too.

It was a super short trip! But I did what I wanted to do. Except that I didn't get my BOOST juice T_T

Back to the Red Centre.

Yea, okay probably make my own fruit juice.

Oh, am going Melbourne for Christmas!!! Yay, I love holidays.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is perhaps one of the best fruit ice-cream I've ever tasted!!! OMG I am going to run to the Sunday market this week again to this divine divine divine mulberry ice-cream XD

It is almost the end of November *shrieks*

Just picking up from where I left, we had BBQ at the newly weds' house and then the following week, we attended the Company's Annual Party/ Christmas Dinner. Note the slash there because apparently someone in the company said that he/she does not celebrate Christmas so he/she can't go if the word party is present. -_- Go figure!

Another occasion was the word picnic. Do you know that it comes from the word pick a negro? Or something along that line? Again, someone pointed out that that word is offensive when we wanted to organise a BBQ picnic this weekend. I am speechless.

Here are my Company's Annual Party/Christmas Dinner photos =)

It was a far drive from the town. Madigans is actually quite a lovely place to dine. You look out the window and see ranges and trees. How awesomely different is that?

Mouthwatering pavlovas with passionfruit and a scoop of ice cream. This was the highlight dish of the night!

Colleagues swaying happily to the dance floor! Main dish was not very impressive except for the salad. They served cold food. Turkey, ham, potato salad, pear salad and bread.

I really like this picture because it captures the ranges behind us! Got that going out 'bush' feel. That's my supervisor and my pharmacy assistant.

My housemate and colleague wanted to test out their photography skills - potrait and scenery, so we decided to go to Simpson's Gap! In case you're wondering where the heck is that place? What does that even mean?

That will be in my next post!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch up

I have the most stressful and stress less holiday combined last week. But just before I explain about that, this is my pharmacist who recently got married. Absolutely happy for them. She was the pharmacist and he was an intern =) Lovely couple. What's best about mixed marriage is that you get to conduct the wedding twice! In the favour of each family's side.

I had been studying for exams for the past couple of weeks. It is the most dreaded oral exam of all. You are expected to deliver everything at this stage and to think of this is just purely stressful. Oh goodness! So I packed my luggage once again, boarded a 2 hours flight to Adelaide and sat for my oral exam the very next day.

As strange as this sounds, I really enjoyed the oral interview process. I um.. giggled quite a lot (I don't know what's gotten into me). Perhaps, I would never thought Mr J. Whitehouse will be assessing me =) it was great to see my ex-lecturer that day. I thought for a moment I was looking at a look-alike person, but he has indeed returned from England. Still as charming! Okay, back to the story, the oral exam wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. There were heaps of legislation scenarios otherwise it was pretty manageable.

And right after the interview, I headed off to the airport to fly to Melbourne for a 3-day conference. It was super fun although I did this alone.

For me, highlights of the event would be the great debate: selling evidence based medicine, counselling competition, talk on being an excellent communicators and the therapeutic update sessions.

In particular, I enjoyed this one session by an eye and ear specialist. His slides were interesting, talked about whether we should be referring or treating patients with presenting eye problems, but I find his aesthetic vessel even more interesting. Hahaha.... you hear me correctly. He is absolutely gorgeous, I find myself admiring him from far, thank goodness I didn't drool over my notepad. His CV is so so so impressive. Before the chairperson introduced him, I thought he was just another doctor with a handsome face. Man, he's a valedictorian, obtained PhD, author of some journals, plans to do a post-doctoral fellowship and he is a marathon runner, raising for charity.

Impressive or what? Oh, and the chairperson ended his introduction with this, "So that's Dr van Wijngaarden. He's my son-in-law, so be nice! ".

He was kind to share his new born baby's photo at the end of his slide wearing a funky sunglasses. Super adorable! =)

Went back with all the goodies. These are just from Day 1

Day 2

The young pharmacist of the year went out to an ex-S.I.T student ( a senior, few years ahead from me). Its a prestigious award and I'm very proud that a Malaysian won the title. Congratulations, VM!

Ain't going back without having my dose of Boost Juice.

Yummy Mango magic mantra smoothie!

Next on my agenda:

Work work work (oh joy!)

Dinner @ Chinese next week ( I've passed my oral exam!)

and then early Christmas dinner in two weeks time (yay!)